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Pickup China Action Network




The goal of the Pickup China Action Network is to unite teams and individuals across China who are interested in changing the environment through pick up and clean up. By regularly organizing pickups, participating in action advocacy, and recording garbage information to assist in the generation of research reports, we use data to demonstrate the severe environmental problems we face; thereby promoting public attention to garbage issues, promoting garbage reduction, garbage classification, and end-of-life resource recycling. Promote the realization of the vision of a clean China.


Since the official launch of the Pickup China Action Network on December 8, 2018, it has received applications from hundreds of partner units. As of 2023, more than 100 social organizations, outdoor clubs, schools and other teams will officially become members of the Pick Up China Action Network. . The Pickup China Action Network hopes to promote the development of the entire society towards the beautiful vision of "a clean planet" under the values ​​of "empowerment, equality and sharing".






2018-Action network launch recruitment

2019-32 network members officially joined

2023- 463 pick-up activities

            13,400 participants

Leverage the "Star Pickup" platform to promote public participation.

Carry out cross-region monitoring, collect data on outdoor unmanaged-waste, form an investigation report on outdoor unmanaged-waste in China.

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